MultivistaPhoto-2016-08-12 (2) exterior

MultivistaPhoto-2016-08-12 (2)

For those working in the Jewelry District, or those driving by the South Street Landing project in recent months and weeks, a great deal of progress in the $220 million project has been evident. Major changes continue to be seen as the project moves towards completion. The parking decks and structural facade of the new parking garage have been completed ahead of schedule. Interior work continues on the garage which is expected to open in October. The opening will allow construction of graduate student housing to begin on the Davol Square parking lot as those currently parking there will be relocated to the new garage.

On the roof of the former South Street power station, steel beams expanding the building’s height by two stories have been visible for over two weeks now. They will support the upper floors of Brown University’s administrative offices.

A recent visit inside the evolving structure showed major progress on multiple fronts. Advanced simulation labs for the future RI Nursing Education Center were framed out with steel studs and extensive wiring. Sheet rock partitions were visible throughout the building, a clear sign that completed interior spaces and finishes will soon take shape. Giant skylights that will send natural light from the rooftop all the way to the ground floor have been opened up, revealing some of the building’s finest architectural features.

Stay tuned for periodic progress updates and construction impact notifications if any construction is going to result in minor disruption to our neighbors. If you have questions about the project, you can submit them at Our thanks to the many individuals who have signed up to receive email alerts and other project notifications.