Construction Impacts Update

Oct 30, 2015 | Construction Impacts


As we head into November, we wanted to provide an update on construction activity for the South Street Landing project.

As work has intensified over the past several weeks, some of our neighbors in Davol Square have commented on the noise being generated by the sand blasting that is taking place on the former power plant.  This work will continue for another six to eight weeks. During this time period, the equipment being used for the sandblasting will be moving west along South Street. This will bring noise even closer to the Davol Square building. It is our hope that with closed windows, any noise impact can be mitigated to the best extent possible.  For those whose desks are closest to South Street, we understand that some employers in Davol Square have considered moving the desks of those most impacted within these offices to help mitigate the noise impact. In the coming two weeks, extensive renovation work within the former power plant will continue. This will include reinforcing existing steel, masonry restoration and the installation of pilings, beams and column piers.

Construction on the parking garage is also drawing closer. The parking garage construction will include a lane reduction on the easterly lane of Eddy Street (a northbound lane) and some pile driving activity that will be audible from nearby buildings.

The $220 million South Street Landing project will ultimately support 500 construction jobs and 375 indirect jobs generated during construction, producing $92 million in annual earnings. The construction phase will also provide over $5 million in income and sales tax revenue for the State of Rhode Island and City of Providence. At the present time, six subcontractors are working on the site under the direction of our builder, Gilbane Building Company.

As always, if you have any questions about the project, or the impact of construction on the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks again for your interest in the exciting South Street Landing project!


Eric Cote
Community Outreach Director