Brown University Administrative Offices

The success story of South Street Landing Project is anchored in discussions that took place several years ago between CV Properties and Brown University about Brown’s need for additional housing for graduate and medical school students.

Brown had already invested more than $200 million in the Jewelry District and stood ready to contribute to the area’s economic development through a new partnership opportunity. As a partial owner of Davol Square, CV Properties responded to Brown’s solicitation for development of student housing from various developers with a proposal to develop a student housing complex on the Davol Square parking lot, in close proximity to Brown’s recently relocated medical school.

The idea drew interest from Brown’s leadership which decided that Davol Square was the best site for graduate student housing.

As Brown and CV Properties advanced discussions about student housing on the Davol Square parking lot, the abandoned South Street power station that stood just feet to the north was an eyesore that needed to be addressed. What in one moment was seen as an obstacle quickly morphed into an exciting possibility that could address not only Brown’s need for student housing, but also its desire for more office space in the Jewelry District, freeing up space on College Hill for initiatives and programs that furthered the goals in Brown’s strategic plans. Suddenly, the former power station went from being an eyesore to a potentially perfect solution.

Yet Brown needed only half the space a renovated South Street power station would produce, a challenge that could easily be overcome if the right tenant could be found for the other half of the building. This quest for the ideal co-anchor converged perfectly with the effort by the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College to locate an advanced nursing education center in Providence. A public-private partnership with Brown, CV Properties, the City of Providence, the State of Rhode Island and these other higher education institutions was born.
CV Properties and its development partner, Wexford Science & Technology, are excited to help Brown meet its need for both student housing and administrative office space.

Over the course of construction, CV Properties will keep the Brown community, including those currently working and studying in the Jewelry District, apprised of traffic and construction impacts through this website and via email, Twitter and FaceBook. (To sign up for updates, click here.) (Links to Get Updates form)

Members of the Brown community interested in learning more about how the South Street Landing project fits into Brown’s strategic plan are encouraged to visit