Adjustments Made to Increase Pedestrian Visibility at Crosswalk Along Eddy Street

January 28, 2016


When construction recently began on the South Street Landing parking garage, one of the two northbound lanes of Eddy Street adjacent to the project, along with the sidewalk and bike path, were closed. This closure will remain in place until construction is complete at the end of this year.

The lane closure required pedestrians walking along the east side of Eddy Street, closest to the Providence River, to cross over to the west side of Eddy Street using crosswalks.  Thanks to a neighbor, it was brought to our attention that the mesh-covered fencing atop the jersey barriers used to close the Eddy Street lane was making it difficult for those using the crosswalk near Ship Street to see oncoming northbound traffic.

To help increase visibility of northbound traffic for pedestrians using the crosswalk at the intersection of Ship Street and Dyer Street, a section of the mesh material attached to the fencing was removed. (When heading north, Eddy Street turns into Dyer Street once you pass Ship Street). In addition, we have also placed a caution sign in the crosswalk so motorists are more aware of the possibility of pedestrians crossing the road.  Additional pedestrian signs will be placed in the coming days.

We encourage all pedestrians walking along Eddy Street near the South Street Landing project to exercise extra caution when crossing Eddy Street and to do so only using crosswalks.  If you can, please consider making the Eddy street crossing at the intersection of Point and Eddy on the south end of the block and at Ship and Dyer at the north end. (See graphic)

Graphic showing suggested places to cross Eddy Street

We will continue to keep the community updated on our efforts to help ensure pedestrian safety during the construction process.


Eric Cote, Spokesman

CV Properties