CV Properties, LLC, a Connecticut-based commercial real estate company that invests in and develops commercial real estate projects throughout New England, has partnered with Wexford Science & Technology to finance and develop the South Street Landing projects. The two companies serve as the development and financing team for the transformational project that will help spur further redevelopment of the Jewelry District and surrounding areas.

CV Properties and Wexford Science & Technology are deeply committed to advancing economic development and medical innovation, not only through the South Street Landing project, but elsewhere in Providence.

In May 2015, CV Properties and Wexford Science & Technology submitted a proposal to the I-195 Commission to develop a 1.1 million square foot life sciences complex with a hotel, residential units and retail components on former I-195 land nearby the South Street Landing project. The genesis for this proposal was the joint work by the two companies on South Street Landing, a powerful indicator of the value of individual projects in spurring further economic development.

About CV Properties

Founded in 2003, CV Properties was formed to identify, develop, and manage commercial real estate projects that provide superior risk-adjusted returns. Our partners are large, institutional investors with broad-based experience in the development, redevelopment and acquisition of commercial real estate.

CV Properties’ senior professionals have many years of experience acquiring, developing and managing commercial real estate in the United States. Their experience in the New England marketplace has established a wide network of brokers, architects, attorneys, lenders, developers and other real estate professionals. The company believes that its strength lies in building teams with large capital partners, strong operating capabilities and local relationships developed over a long career that provide significant advantages in the complicated business of creating value in commercial real estate.

To date CV Properties has been involved in the acquisition, development and investment of nearly 2 million square feet of real estate representing $1 billion in capital investment. This has included office towers, parking garages, and hotels. Past CV Properties’ projects in Providence include the GTECH building. The company also owns portions of the Davol Square complex in Providence.

About Wexford Science & Technology

Wexford Science & Technology provides real estate strategies and solutions exclusively to universities, academic medical centers, and research institutions. Wexford works collaboratively with its partner institutions to help create and develop vibrant, mixed-use, amenity-rich Knowledge Communities that are built on a foundation of research, discovery, and entrepreneurial activity.

Knowledge Communities operate as a nexus for leveraging academic intellectual capital, innovation, and infrastructure; concentrating talent, resources, and service providers; and enabling pathways for corporate collaboration, startup creation and growth, place-based networking and idea exchange.

Learn more about Wexford Science & Technology, LLC at

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